To the Music Department Chairman

Promote your department, with personalized apparel, that your
students, parents and staff can be proud of!

Your kids work and practice as hard as... and as long as, all of the schools athletes.

The athletes all wear apparel, supporting their sport. Why don’t your kids have shirts

promoting your excellent Music Program?


Here’s our idea for you!

If your students play an instrument, why not show that instrument and promote your

program on a t-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt? We can even add multiple instruments,

and the kids names on each NO ADDITIONAL COST!


We can place this promotion on line for you, so there is virtually no work for your

volunteers or boosters to do. No money to collect, nothing to package, nothing to sort.

When your order is done, we will separately package each order with the students name

and deliver all orders, to your school  We do it all...... and return a profit check to you!

All that you need to do , is to send your students to our GENERIC WEB SITE:


All shirts are 100% polyester. There are twelve colors to choose from.


The shirts are $12.00 each, and will easily sell for $15.00 - $20.00 each, if you

want to make this into a fund raiser. We have included a flier showing some of the other

products that we sell, that can be added to your sale.


You now have students, parents, grandparents and staff, wearing your apparel and

advertising your program.....and you have made a profit, by investing no money!


Would you like to see an actual sample?
I would be happy to make a presentation to your group!


Please call or email us for a sample, or to set up an appointment!


Thank you!


The Lamont Staff!


Music Promotion These are three of approximately six future designs that will be available for your custom shirt. You will be able to pick your instrument and add your name to one of our designs. This demonstration page is set up to show you how easy it will be to order from us.
Music Department Prototype Designs

Design #1

Use this graphic,

for students enrolled in the Music Program

that do not play an instrument... or for a:







Design #2

Design #5

ALL instruments

 are available!


Yes, we will certainly print

your custom design